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Actors Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy have finally confirmed the rumors: they’re in a committed relationship. When asked if there are wedding bells in the future, McAvoy would only say, “It’s love! Who knows?”

The actors have sparked romantic rumors ever since working together on last summer’s X-Men: First Class. When asked about his marriage to fellow actor Anne Marie Duff, McAvoy explained, “She’s a lovely person. But our union was false from the start. Without a ring on my finger I was in constant danger of sexual violence. Anne Marie is very motherly, and she shielded me from all that.”

Michael Fassbender, never married, has previously been linked to an almost endless bevy of Hollywood starlets. When asked about his shift to a very public romance with McAvoy, Fassbender flashed his trademark smile and said, “I’ve always taken all comers. I had to keep busy whilst James made up his mind.” ( по материалам жёлтой-прежёлтой прессы )

Знатно ребята прикалываются
Весельчаки, такие весельчаки........ ( переведите на англ. )

[Spoiler (click to open)]
ещё об этом: Le tandem

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