June 19th, 2019


Terminalia chebula

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One of the highest telomere increasing substances is Haritaki, which is among one of 3 medicines in a pot held by the palm of Medicine Buddha. These 3 medicines as a combination are called Triphala, and we found Haritaki is the only one of which an optimal dose has the highest normal cell telomere increasing effect of maximum 1350 ng BDORT units.
Açai of Brazil also increases normal cell telomere. We found both Haritaki & Açai increased the maximum of 1350 ng BDORT units by optimal dose. But if you just take it, both Haritaki and Açai will really give you over 1000 ng increase of normal cell telomere because Vitamin C as well as other substances in drinks and foods when eaten seems to inhibit the activity very quickly and individually.
Unless you measure cell telomere this is very difficult to estimate, unless telomere is measured non-invasively by the BDORT, it is difficult to estimate, so ideally each person before eating or drinking something, it should be evaluated.
Unfortunately, Açai is more fragile than Haritaki, as a result really one can get an increase in telomere over 500 ng.

Yoshiaki Omura, M.D., Sc.D.
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