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The concept of "true love" versus чужие трусы на полотенцесушителе

из видеоинтервью G-L для The Guardian ( 12 ноября 2013г. ):

Well those two words can mean a lot of different things.
You mean, the Princess Bride version of true love? Do you mean the Sleepless in Seattle version of true love? Um, I would say true love means a genuine and unique connection between two unique individuals.

What I think true love is not, is some shiny trophy that's the same "riding off into the sunset" image that you can get. I don't think ... if you think about true love as something that you're after, that you can have, um, you're missing it.

video interview ( длительность ролика - менее 3 минут )

пара слов о фильме тут - Don Jon, 2013
Tags: life, кино
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